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Artwork Set Up – Digital Die Cutting

Die Line

A dieline serves as a template that ensures proper layout for a printed product. It is a diagram that shows all the cut lines and folds in a flattened form. Our digital die cutter means you can have any custom shape you want. There are a few steps toward creating proper, accurate die lines.

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Setting up your artwork for digital die-cutting

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Setting up your artwork for digital die cutting


Firstly set up your artwork on a layer called Print. No dieline should be showing (this will be on a separate page).

If double sided, they should be set up as front and back on separate pages. Your artwork should have 2mm bleed.


Your dieline should be set up on a layer called Cut. The dieline should be set to 100% Black.

The dieline should touch the edges of the Artboard.

This will be the size that is it cut to. There shouldn’t be any print on this page, only the dieline. This will be the last page of your PDF. We recommend having round corners where possible (2mm)


Any scores should be set up on a layer called Crease.

It should be a line that is set to 100% Black.

There shouldn’t be any print on this page, only the die and score lines.

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